Strategic Consulting

Being all places at once is impossible, especially during a data and analytics project. From technology selection to data ingestion and implementation, there are many opportunities for a project to go sideways. The Data Co has the strategic consulting expertise to guide you through the process, like a sherpa guiding you up the mountain.

Our services range from setting the right goals at the beginning of the project, to recommendations on the best technology for your needs, to interpreting advanced analytics and what it means for your business.

Single-Day GoalSession

Our process to get your business data strategy from idea to execution involves only a few simple steps. Working together for a common goal will ensure success of the project.

Our initial GoalSession will involve the internal team integral to the project. We will work together to define the expected path of the project, understand how applications collect information along the way, and collaborate as a team to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the business.


Whether your project involves marketing campaigns, customer experience, real-time IoT data, or internal business data, our collaborative process will help ensure success.

Our one-day GoalSession will provide your team with strategic direction and measurable KPIs.

Download the Complete GoalSession Guide

View the full details for our one-day session including both the activities and the collateral you will after completion.

Ready to Get Started?

With our range of industries and clients, we have the experience needed to help you achieve success. We’ve understand how data (and sometimes teams) run in silos, and can help navigate change management.

We’ll make sure you have all the tools and training needed to ensure project success, both during and after the engagement.

What can your untapped data tell you?